Division of University Advancement

Welcome to the Division of University Advancement!

Mission, Vision and Values


Comprised of the offices of Marketing & Communications, Alumni Relations, Development, and Development Services, the DUA advances the long-term interests of Savannah State University. The primary objective of the Division is to expand understanding and support of the university in order to secure the resources required to fulfill Savannah State's educational mission. We strive to achieve these goals through integrated and comprehensive marketing, communications, fundraising, stewardship, student development, and constituent relations programming.



  • Cultivating the university's most valuable strategic relationships among business, community, educational, cultural, political, and alumni leaders.
  • Transforming SSU into a destination campus and university of choice nationally.
  • Generating prospective student interest and affinity leading to record high enrollment.
  • Garnering recognition of SSU as model of educational access, innovation, and student success,
  • Building a university endowment that ensures the university's future.
  • Positioning SSU as steward of the region's future and human capital, worthy of regional business and industry support and collaboration.
  • Planning and executing innovative and winning public relations, marketing, and fundraising campaigns.


The Division of University Advancement team represents the excellence of the University in interactions with other departments and offices, faculty, students, alumni, parents and friends, media and members of the general public. We foster a supportive working environment that treats all team members with dignity and respect. We place a high value on teamwork and cross-functional communication. We recognize the importance of professional development and seek to provide opportunities for knowledge expansion, career growth and advancement of all team members. We encourage team members to pursue continual process improvements, and to work effectively to achieve individual, unit, divisional and university goals.

The DUA commits to PROVIDE:

Professional standards that are apparent in all our endeavors and interactions.

Responsible and accountable usage of resources.

Optimistic approaches and anticipation for our actions.

Vigilant guardianship in our fiduciary responsibilities.

Innovative and creative undertakings to further the university's mission.

Devoted pursuit of the university's best interests.

Ethical behavior and integrity demonstrated through honesty, trust, respect for privacy and confidentiality.

DUA Contact Information
Gardner Hall/Box 20439
Savannah, GA 31404
(912) 358-3059, phone
(912) 353-3194, fax