Mission & Vision


Savannah State University, the oldest public historically black university in the State of Georgia, develops productive members of a global society through high quality instruction, scholarship, research, service and community involvement. The University fosters engaged learning and personal growth in a student-centered environment that celebrates the African American legacy while nurturing a diverse student body. Savannah State University offers graduate and undergraduate studies including nationally accredited programs in the liberal arts, the sciences and the professions.



Our great institution was founded upon the principle of adding value to the lives of former slaves. Today, it is imperative that we remember the sacrifices made and the ideals our forefathers believed in and practiced over the years. The leaders and faculty of Georgia State Industrial College for Colored Youth (now Savannah State University) believed that education and self worth were keys to a productive and successful life. While they lacked material wealth and were given very few tools to work with, they believed that love and caring were important and necessary in the educational process and that such attributes would lead one to a rewarding and professional career and potentially a position of leadership in our society. Our institution has a longstanding history of creating enormous value that has made a difference to its people.

As president, it is my vision to continue this value-added approach to education as we use the principles of the past to guide our future. With the modern tools of today and our outstanding faculty, staff, administration, alumni and friends, we will not only provide academic and professional education, but we will seek to enhance our students' self worth, social involvement and leadership skills through targeted programs. Today, we are a strong institution that meets students where they are in life. We are prepared to do our best to instill in every student a high set of values and a sense of abiding respect for themselves and for our society in general.

As our American society has evolved, we no longer separate our educational institutions by race. Today, there is an even greater need for institutions of higher education, especially those with a history of adding value and providing a nurturing environment for their students, to recruit and educate all students, regardless of race. At Savannah State University, we seek to educate all students who demonstrate the motivation, eagerness, potential and vision to seek after and secure a better life for themselves and their families.

It is my vision for Savannah State University to be the best value-added institution in the country!

Dr. Cheryl D. Dozier