Survey Research Center

The Survey Research Center (SRC) was founded in 1996 to:

  • Meet the research needs of SSU faculty engaged in survey research;

  • Provide research assistance to organizations outside the SSU community (i.e. businesses, government entities, non-profits);

  • Serve as a real-world research work environment for SSU students.

SRC services include:

    Research design, instrument development, sample design and sampling assistance, interviewing and data collection, data coding and entry, statistical analyses, reports and presentations, feasibility studies, conducting focus groups.

SRC analyses include:

    Summary statistics, descriptive statistics, frequency distributions, cross-tabulations, regression analysis, multivariate analysis, longitudinal analysis, sensitive analysis, and significance testing.

These analyses can be summarized as:

    Executive summaries, simple tabulations for raw data, narratives/detailed reports with charts & graphs, literature or secondary source research, and Powerpoint presentations.

In its call center, SRC collects data using WinCati Software, a highly efficient phone-based interviewing system. This software:

Handles complex question branching automatically, reduces interviewer error, provides quick turnaround of survey results, and checks and edits data while interview is in progress.