Proctoring Services

Proctoring Services
Savannah State University provides proctoring services for SSU students enrolled in online courses and students attending other colleges and universities (non-SSU students). Institutions across the nation utilize Savannah State University as a testing site to administer exams for students who are enrolled in their respective correspondence or independent studies classes. Savannah State University is a member of the National College Testing Consortium. The sponsoring school or company must send exams directly to the Testing Office. Included with the exam should be any instructions for the proctor and any forms to be completed and returned.

NON-SSU STUDENTS (Students whose home insitution is not SSU)

Students who are taking Independent Study or Distance Learning classes at other institutions may elect to have their exams administered at Savannah State University.  NON-SSU STUDENTS:  The sponsoring school will determine allotted time (or maximum time limits) and special testing conditions. No calculators, notes, or books will be allowed unless specified by the sponsoring institution. The testing fee is $20 per hour. This fee is calculated using the time allotted by the sponsoring school (i.e. If time allotted for test is 1 hour 30 minutes, the total test fee is $40.)  

E-CORE STUDENTS ONLY:  E-Core students must CLICK HERE to schedule their test through the E-Core site. Please review the information carefully to pay the $20 test adminsitration fee.

REGISTER FOR A PROCTORED TEST (Online Classes Only - SSU and Non-SSU students) Do not use the link below if you are taking an E-Core test.

All students (SSU or NON-SSU) must adhere to the following:

    • Follow their home institution's procedures for on-site or off-site testing and adhere to maximum time limits on each test.
    • Call the Testing Office to schedule an appointment at least 2-3 weeks in advance.  We encourage you to schedule all tests for the entire semester to ensure your preferred time/date is reserved.
    • Bring a photo ID and receipt of test registration and administration fee on the day of testing. 
    • REGISTER ONLINE for your test.  On the day of testing bring the your test registration confirmation/or receipt of payment on the day of testing. Examinees who do not show confirmation/or receipt of payment (as it applies) will not be allowed to test. Do not use this link if you are registering for an e-Core Test--see information below for e-Core test registration.

Looking for a test center outside of the Savannah area?  Click here to find other college testing centers.  Once you find a location, ensure that your instructor sends the test materials/or information prior to youre scheduled test date.

FOR SSU FACULTY USE ONLY:  SSU Faculty must use the portals below to request test proctoring through SSU Testing Office prior to the start of each semester. All students are encouraged to register for all proctored tests before the end of the 3rd week of classes.

Professor Portal Enrollment – Initial Enrollment

Professor Portal Access – Link to access Professor Portal after initial enrollment.