Preparing for Graduation

Congratulations on becoming a senior poised for graduation!

Here are a few relevant pointers to keep you on track and help you graduate without incident.

  • You should submit your graduation application two (2) semesters prior to your anticipated graduation date (typically when you reach 90 credit hours).

  • You must see your advisor by the third week of the new semester.  Your degree grid must be signed by your advisor before going to the Registrar's Office for certification.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: You must complete the online Exit Survey and receive your completion receipt.  The completion receipt is required for you to participate in rehearsal.  Go to the Academic Affairs Web page starting April 1 for May graduation and November 1 for December graduation. Check your e-mail regularly for updates.

  • If you are taking classes at another institution, your official transcript MUST be received in the Office of the Registrar prior to rehearsal before you can receive your diploma.  If the official transcript is received after graduation, your diploma will be issued following the next graduation ceremony.

  • Commencement Rehearsal is scheduled the Friday immediately BEFORE Commencement. For Fall commencement, please arrive at 8:30 at the Student Center in the first floor dining area to line up. The graduates will process to the Tiger Arena for Fall commencement. Bring your Exit Survey Certificate of Completion with you.

  • Contact the SSU Bookstore for your cap and gown, invitations, and other commencement items and memorabilia (912-356-8456/8457).

    NOTE:  Place your order for regalia early; payment is due upon receipt of your order. The tassel is bundled with your cap – DON'T LOSE IT.
  • Your senior graduation flyer will be emailed to the address you have on file in the Registrar's Office (update your PAWS account ASAP!). It will include critical information about your graduation that you need to share with your family.  Have your out-of-state family members make hotel reservations early.

    NOTE: The email address for sending your senior flyer should be a current email address, the address for mailing your alumni association membership card should be your permanent home address.

  • Check with Financial Aid for their exit process BEFORE rehearsal.